It was a very hectic morning in this Springfield, Virginia hotel room. Surrounded by the usual chaos, in a room full of bridesmaids, children, and event planners, I was working to capture the moment. Shooting dress and jewelry details, the hair and makeup process, family and friends, laughing and hugging, plus everything else that you would expect to see just hours before a wedding ceremony. Then, before getting into her dress, and as the limo was waiting downstairs, the bride had a request. She wanted to show off her veil, lingerie, and shoes. She had ideas for poses that we tried for a few minutes, but none of them were working for me. The backgrounds were cluttered and the compositions were off. Finally I decided that simple is better and came up with the photo below. When shooting weddings, sometimes you have to come up with ideas quickly. None of this was planned. The idea was suddenly introduced by the bride and executed all within about five minutes.  We made it to the limo with no time to spare.  Canon 5D Mark III, 70-200mm @2.8 lens (focal length 95mm), 1/40th second (hand-held) @ f/5.0, ISO 800. Transferred to black-and-white using Lightroom filters.